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Music . . . 

What makes music great?  The answer to that question likely has as many responses as the number of music compositions to which it refers!

Yet as songwriters and composers, we are forever obsessed it seems in the elusive quest to write that one great song . . .  compose that one great piece, that when compared to the norm, that is to say the REALLY GOOD music, it somehow stands out above the rest.  Whether it’s how the lyrics and melody combine in a serendipitous way with a magical performance that reaches and holds on to the inner soul of those who listen, or how an instrumental alone supported by a haunting arrangement can command emotions without a word being uttered . . . GREAT music is rare; and yet we know without a single doubt when we hear it.

I have been blessed and cursed to be on this “quest” for more years than I care to count; over 40 to be sure.  Whether alone or with collaborators in writing and performance whom I have also been  honored to call friends, we have been close at times, or at least it seems.  But the final judge is you the listener.  So I am humbled to share some of the best of our music with you from over 40 years of creating and hope that in some small way it touches you.  As for me . . . well, the quest continues!  


~ Ralph

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